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Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood e-newsflash (August 2014, Issue 70)

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A message from the ARNEC Secretariat:

Dear ARNEC members, 

Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference 3-5 December 2014 in Manila, Philippines 

Early Childhood Development on the Global Agenda: Building partnerships for Sustainability and Harmony’

This year’s Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference will be taking place from 3 to 5 December 2014 in Manila, Philippines. We are very honoured to have Hirokazu Yoshikawa, PhD with us as our Keynote speaker. We are expecting over 250 participants from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria. The conference is co-organised by ARNEC, ChildFund, UNICEF, UNESCO, Plan International, OSF and Save the Children supported by the ECCD Council, Philippines. On the 2 December 214 we are offering site visits as well as pre-conference workshops (optional).


Call for proposals – deadline 22 September 2014 – Please submit your paper or poster proposals by 22 September 2014 to See the form HERE and guidelines HERE. The deadline for final papers is 22 October 2014.

You can present oral/standard lecture procedure (20-30 min presentation time with Q&A) OR via a poster presentation (posters will remain on display throughout the conference with an allocated time slot for viewing).

Our Conference themes are:


1)    Partnerships and Alliance Building for ECD


2)    Contributing to sustainable development through ECD 

For example:

  • Socio-cultural and economic return on ECD investment
  • ECD and environmental sustainability

3)    Building social cohesion through ECD


For example:


  • Promoting diversity and inclusion through ECD
  • ECD as an entry point for Peacebuilding

We look forward to your proposals!

Further updates and information on the conference and registration you will find via


Sponsor needed!

Interested in sponsoring the Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference? Or do you know of contacts who would like to potentially sponsor the Conference? Please see  our sponsorship pack HERE and please circulate amongst your contacts and partners. 


Invitation to ARNEC’s Capacity Building Workshop: ‘What does it take to make the holistic and integrative approach work?” 26-27 September 2014 , Jakarta, Indonesia

We would like to invite ARNEC members, colleagues and partners to the Capacity Building Workshop ‘What does it take to make the holistic and integrative approach work’ held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This workshop held 26-27 September 2014 is co-organised by ARNEC, BKKBN and Plan Indonesia.

 The objectives of the workshop are:     

1)   To share experiences and to learn about the various models in which ECD professionals  make holistic and integrative approaches to ECD work.

2)   To map best practices at different levels including policy level, ministerial, provincial, and local governments and grassroots community level – finding and sharing solutions for holistic and integrated ECD in their local contexts

Interested in participating? RSVP by 5 September 2014. Spaces are limited! First come first serve! Local costs (accommodation, meals) will be covered by the organisers

Please welcome a new friend to ARNEC, Child Research Net (CRN) Japan. Child Research Net (CRN) is an Internet-based child research institute comprising of a vast network of professionals, researchers and educators who care about children’s issues. Their website is in three languages, Japanese, English, and Chinese, introducing wide-ranging research from medicine and brain science to education, developmental psychology and sociology. In addition, their international and national research activities address important topics for children. 

CRN provides:

● Information on children’s issues from an interdisciplinary perspective

● Country-specific information on child-raising and education

● Data and survey results on children and education in Japan

★Japanese website:

★English website:

★Chinese website:

 We look forward to the collaboration with CRN!


A Global Call to Action – ECD and the Post 2015 Development Agenda: A solution to reducing poverty and inequality

The Global Call to Action document was prepared by the Consultative Group on ECCD ( at their meeting in July 2014. It oulines the needs of young children as well as effective measures for Early Childhood Development.  See the Global Call to Action HERE

The advocacy video prepared by the Consultative Group on ECCD can be viewed via:

Please send us your feedback to


ILO Policy Guidelines on the promotion of decent work for early childhood eduction personnel’ – Examples of countries for good case studies Deadline 15 September 2014
Please assist a team of researchers who are preparing another document for the ILO-UNESCO Committee of Experts on the Application of Recommendations Concerning the Status of Teachers (CEART) which will next year focus on the promotion of "decent work" for pre-primary teachers. Please send any examples and documentation to Sheldon Shaeffer at

The researchers have prepared a questionnaire to get more general information on this process from a wide range of sources. We ask you to please fill it in and also disseminate it through your networks -- to ECE and teacher training officials in MOEs, academics/researchers, ECE teacher training institutions, teacher unions/associations, etc.
We kindly ask you to provide this information (examples of countries which could make good case studies and responses to the survey) by 15 September 2014.

The Pacific Guidelines for the Development of National Quality Frameworks for Early Childhood Care and Care and Education (ECCE): Programming for Ages 3-5 produced by the Pacific region

The PRC4ECCE’s Pacific Guidelines for the Development of National Quality Frameworks for ECCE contains the following five components: 1. Policy, Legislation and Governance; 2. Human Resources; 3. Curriculum, Child Assessment and Environment; 4. Performance Monitoring and Assessment; and 5. Family and Community Partnerships.  See full guidelines HERE




ARNEC: Content Manager (Consultant) for ECD Learning Webportal – Deadline extended to 8 September 2014

We are currently revamping the ARNEC Website as part of our existing initiative to broaden our online presence and enhance learning on holistic and inclusive ECD. For the new web-based learning portal  we are searching for a Content Manager (Consultant) ideally full-time 3 months (3) to source, develop and manage content for the webportal. You will be working closely with the ARNEC Secretariat and ARNEC Country Coorinators in the region.   For full TOR please see HERE  Deadline for application is extended to 8 September 2014. 

ARNEC: Country Coordinators (various countries)!

We are looking for further Country Coordinators in the Asia-Pacific region (where there is no known ECD network at present) especially from:

-       Central Asia

-       Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia

-       New Zealand, Australia

The Country Coordinator will on a national level improve linkages with the countries (national networks/ECCD professional community) and strengthen national coordination for ECCD. We expect Country Coordinators to work on the following, but not limited to, activities:

  • Host a “Country of the Month” on the ARNEC webportal in collaboration with your national ECD community
  • Actively participate in ARNEC’s web portals (sharing upcoming events (and their reports), new policies and other hot topics, blogs…)
  • Promote ARNEC membership (e.g. holding membership drives, disseminate ARNEC’s work, advocacy messages and information)
  • Contribute to ARNEC’s initiatives  

 We anticipate Country Coordinators to spend min. 12 days a year for and commit her/himself to serve the role for a term of 2 years. For full Terms of reference click here for those interested. Please complete the nomination form , attached with your CV and/or reference contact details, and return back to 


See details of vacancies here




Integration of prevention of violence against children and early child development

August 2014, The Lancet, Global Health 


Asia-Pacific officials meet to draw up education roadmap

7 August 2014, The Nation 

A mothers preference for child care

1 August 2014, Brisbane Times

Protect those who work to protect children and families - UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on World Humanitarian Day

19 August, UNICEF Online

Smart Aid for the World’s Poor

25 July 2014, The Wall Street Journal


In this Month:
Click here to download the e-news flash in
PDF format.




Upcoming Events:


SAVE THE DATE! Asia-Pacfic Regional ECD Conference SAVE THE DATE!

Co-organised by ARNEC & ARNEC partners

3-5 December 2014

Manila, Philippines 


Korean Society for Early Childhood EducatioConference

'Building a respectful Early Childhood classroom community' 

29-31 August 2014

Seoul, Korea 


Singapore International Story Telling 


'Translations Storytelling from the Word

to the Voice'

1-9 September 2014 


 Early Childhood Development Agency Singapore (ECDA ) Conference 

'The incredible early years: Supporting young children's development'

19-20 September 2014



International Step by Step Association

2014 ISSA Annual Conference

'Creating a Society for All: Re-considering

Early Childhood Services'

10-12 October 2014

Budapest, Hungary


 17th UNESCO-APEID International Conference

The Powerhouses of Education: Teachers for the Future We Want’

29-31 October 2014

Bangkok, Thailand

International Conference on ECCE

'First Steps to Nurturing Future Leaders'

27-30 November 2014

Brunei Darussalam 



2015 WA ECEC Conference

'1Voyage Exploring Excellence in Early

Childhood & Care'

7-8 August 2015

Perth, Australia 



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Featured ECD Resources:


ARNEC at PECERA 9 August 2014

See the full presentation HERE as well as Post-2015 Processes

This annual report outlines the progress, highlights and achievements towards the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood’s vision from 1 January to 31 December 2013. Download the Annual Report 2013.


 ‘Addressing and Mitigating Vulnerability Across the Life Cycle: The Case for Investing in Early Childhood’ by Mary Eming Young, MD, DrPH


Blog by Dame Tessa Jowell (MP) ‘ A vision for post 2015’


Final text of the Bangkok Statement from the Asia-Pacific Regional Education Conference (APREC) 6-8 August 2014 in Bangkok. 

All presentations/speeches from the conference are also available

International Child Resource Institute-Nepal's: 

Final Conference report from ARNEC Conference 18-20 November 2013 in Singapore

ARNEC Calendar 2014: Early Experiences Matter 'Building Foundations for Lifelong Learning'is here! Download now

ARNEC’s Documentation of Noteworthy ECD Practices – Research Brief No.2

by ARNEC, August 2013 


The White Paper – Promoting Holistic  Development of Young Children – An Imperative for the Advancement of Nations in Asia-Pacific by ARNEC, April 2013 The White Paper is also available in Russian, Chinese,  Korean and in Khmer. Would you like to translate or arrange for translation of the White paper into an additional language from the Asia-Pacific region? If you would like hardcopies of the White paper for your advocacy work or to promote ARNEC at events or conferences just let us know at


Featured Link:


Would you like to learn more about Sustainable Development? See this free course “Age of Sustainable Development’  here:



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