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Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood e-newsflash (December 2014, Issue 74)

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Dear ARNEC members,


We would like to thank you for all you support in 2014 and wish you all the best in the new year of 2015. 2015 will be a very important year for Early Childhood and the formulation of the new Sustainable Development Goals which ARNEC has been heavily advocating for.

Our highlights in 2014 include:


East-Asia and Pacific ECD Scales: completed the regional validation phase of the EAP ECD Scales and the results and experiences disseminated


ECD and Peacebuilding: a working group on ECD and Peacebuilding was formed and the TOR and Workplan developed with the group. The literature review was officially launched at the Manila conference.

Country Coordinators: active engagement with vibrant new Country Coordinators via virtual meetings and new ideas such as the ‘Buddy System’

Country of the month feature for Webportal launched highlighting ECD work of a particular country every month with comprehensive clearinghouse for ECD in the Asia-Pacific Region collated

Actively promoted the Global Petition on ECD and gathered and collated over 200 signatures for the petition at the MAPECE Conference in Malaysia as well as high participation from the Philippines

ARNEC Calendar 2014 published with collation of Children’s voices on ‘Peace’

ARNEC Connections published

Capacity building workshop successfully facilitated in collaboration with the Indonesian government and local resource persons

Organised 3 webinars on the themes of 1. ECD and Peacebuilding 2. ECD and Health and Nutrition and 3. ECD in Emergencies accompanied by e-discussions

Asia-Pacific Regional ECD conference, 3-5 December 2014 held at the Crowne Plaza Manila, locally co-organised and hosted by Childfund Philippines and the ECCD Council with over 400 individuals from 44 countries

Membership grown to 1,762, 17 Friends of ARNEC (institutional members) and 6 core team and partner agencies

We welcomed Childfund as a new Core team member


Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference 3-5 December 2014 in Manila, Philippines

‘Early Childhood Development on the Global Agenda: Building partnerships for Sustainability and Harmony’

Over 400 Early Childhood professionals, including high-level policy makers from the Philippines, Asia-Pacific and beyond participated in the Asia-Pacific Regional ECD conference 3-5 December 2014 under the overall theme of “Early Childhood Development on the global agenda: Building Partnerships for Sustainability and Harmony. Guest of Honour, Hon. Teresa Aquino Oreta, Former Philippine Senator stressed that ‘the grand alliance for ECD is still a big challenge but offers great opportunity. Regional Keynote Speaker Dr Sheldon Shaeffer, ARNEC Member of the Board of Directors and Former Director of UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok emphasised that, ‘ECCD sets the tone for the quality of life of every individual and society’ Early learning begets later learning success as early failure breeds later failure. ‘

Another highlight of the event was the showcasing of a reading camp (faciliated by Save the Children, Childfund, World Vision and Plan International) where children presented their views about their needs and dreams. The drawings were displayed throughout the three day conference.

Professor Hirokazu Yoshikawa, PhD , in his Global Keynote ‘ECD with Quality at National Scale in the context of Post 2015 SDG’ spoke about – making the case for ECD in the post 2015 SDG goals  as well as how to implement Early Childhood Education with quality at national scale. He gave the example of Quality Improvement with networked learning communities in pre-school education from multiple regions of Chile.

See Professor Yoshikawa’s full presentation HERE

The Conference featured three plenary sessions with panel discussions on Post 2015, Partnership Building and Social Cohesion. All presentations of the conference can be viewed under:

Country Commitments made at the Manila Conference

In conclusion of the Manila Conference we asked Countries to make commitments for their ECD work in their respective country. Please see the Country Commitments HERE.


To view the full press release please see HERE.


Country of the month feature for December 2014 – Vietnam

As part of ARNEC’s Country of the month feature we would like to showcase Vietnams ECD work prepared by the ARNEC Country Coordinators for Vietnam, Filip Lenaerts and Hanh le thi Bich from VVOB/Plan International.


Please see the post- 2015 briefing prepared by Ms. Jessica Toale, Political Advisor for the Manila Conference.

/ntuc/slot/u2323/news/images/Post2015 briefing ARNEC_rev.pdf




TAKE ACTION: Call for civil society responses to the UN Secretary-General Synthesis Report on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

On 4 December, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon informally presented an advance, unedited version of his synthesis report on the post-2015 development agenda to UN Member States. "The Road to Dignity by 2030: Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet" outlines a vision for Member States to consider carrying forward in negotiations leading up to the UN Special Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2015 that will adopt the post-2015 development agenda.


The advanced unedited version of the report is available here:  


Read the Secretary-General's statement about the report here: 


Watch a video of the Secretary-General's briefing about the report here


The UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) and UN DESA Division for Sustainable Development (DESA-DSD) invite Major Groups and other civil society stakeholders to submit their official responses to the report to a central online repository via this online form:

Links to all submissions will be published live as they are received here:




Missed the ARNEC webinar on ‘ECD in Emergencies’ ? You can listen to the full  recording HEREand see the presentations:



Presentation 1 – Sara Hommel, Save the Children, HEART Programme HERE

Presentation 2 – Nanditha Hettitantri, Macquarie University, ECD centres in Sri Lanka HERE


We are currently hosting e-discussions on ‘ECD in Emergencies until the 26 December via our e-discussions Facebook group. Do join in and share any questions you might have via:


Don’t forget to ‘like’ the ARNEC Facebook page too:



 Call for papers: Journal of Human Development and Capabilities on Investing in ECD -  Deadline for Submissions: 31 January 2015

Investing in young children is one of the best investments that countries can make. A child’s earliest years present a unique window of opportunity to address inequality, break the cycle of poverty, and improve a wide range of outcomes later in life and thereby expand individuals’ capability set. Recent brain research suggests the need for holistic approaches to learning, growth, and development, recognizing that young children’s physical and intellectual well-being as well as their socio-emotional and cognitive development are interrelated. To fully benefit from future opportunities and become productive members of society, by the end of early childhood, young children should be: healthy and well-nourished; securely attached to caregivers; able to interact positively with families, teachers and peers; able to communicate in their native language; and ready to learn throughout primary school. For further information see HERE


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Grand challenge: Putting Women and Girls at the Centre of Development – 13 January 2015 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is launching a new Grand Challenge: Putting Women and Girls at the Center of Development. This challenge focuses on how to effectively reach and empower the most vulnerable women and girls to improve health and development – including economic – outcomes as well as gender equality.





ARNEC: Country Coordinators (various countries)!

We are looking for further Country Coordinators in the Asia-Pacific region (where there is no known ECD network at present) especially from:

-       Central Asia

-       Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia

-       New Zealand, Australia

The Country Coordinator will on a national level improve linkages with the countries (national networks/ECCD professional community) and strengthen national coordination for ECCD. We expect Country Coordinators to work on the following, but not limited to, activities:

  • Host a “Country of the Month” on the ARNEC webportal in collaboration with your national ECD community
  • Actively participate in ARNEC’s web portals (sharing upcoming events (and their reports), new policies and other hot topics, blogs…)
  • Promote ARNEC membership (e.g. holding membership drives, disseminate ARNEC’s work, advocacy messages and information)
  • Contribute to ARNEC’s initiatives  

 We anticipate Country Coordinators to spend min. 12 days a year for and commit her/himself to serve the role for a term of 2 years. For full Terms of reference click here for those interested. Please complete the nomination form , attached with your CV and/or reference contact details, and return back to 


Call for expressions of interest for Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding – Myanmar – Deadline 31 December 2014

The Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding, a partnership between the University of Amsterdam, the University of Sussex, the University of Ulster in collaboration with UNICEF, is looking for collaborations with in-country researchers for our main data gathering period in Myanmar from mid January to early April 2015. The research project is carried out in a number of countries, including Myanmar, and aims to explore the relationships between education (policies, practices, actors) and broader processes of building sustainable peace. We are looking for collaborations with experienced and knowledgeable researchers and/or institutes in order to strengthen the evidence base of the research, as well as to foster mutual learning and capacity building in the team.

For this reason, the Consortium is interested to work with two or three researchers in Myanmar (in the Yangon area) from mid January until early April 2015. The researcher will become part of a team of researchers within the Research Consortium Education and Peacebuilding. Further details about the research, and the roles and responsibilities of the in-country partners are outlined in the attached Call for Expressions of Interest. See also: 

Those who are interested are invited to send a cover letter and CV to Ms Marielle Le Mat, before December 31. The cover letter should include an introduction about yourself/your organisation, your professional background, availability and motivation to join the team. For those (pre-)selected, interviews will take place between January 21-23, 2015.


UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office, Programme and Planning unit – Consultancy Gender Analysis and Documentation in EAP

See HERE for full description of the consultancy role – deadline is 25 December 2014

Plan - Early Learning Research Consultancy, Laos

See HERE for full TOR

 See details of vacancies here




Why we need to invest in our kids early on - President Obama Convenes the White House Summit on Early Education

10 December 2014, Whitehouse Blog

Obama: $1B programme for Early Childhood Education

USA Today, 10 December 2014


In this Month:
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Upcoming Events:



 Institute for Human DevelopmentConference

Aga Khan University

12-14 February 2015

Nairobi, Kenya

See further information HERE





16th PECERA conference

Play - time, space and place'


24-26th July, 2015


Sydney, Australia





2015 West Australia ECEC Conference

'1Voyage Exploring Excellence in Early

Childhood & Care'

7-8 August 2015

Perth, Australia 





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Featured ECD Resources:


ARNEC Connections 2014 no.8 (new)

by ARNEC November 2014

Theme: Early Childhood Development on the Global Agenda: Building partnerships for sustainability and harmony

This is ARNEC's annual publication for ECD professionals by ECD professionals. All articles are contributed by individuals who are ARNEC members and/or are working within the field of early childhood. 


ARNEC Calendar 2015 (new)

by ARNEC November 2014

'What does Peace mean to you'?  A collection of children's drawing on their understanding of ‘Peace’ from Singapore, Myanmar and Bhutan. 

This annual report outlines the progress, highlights and achievements towards the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood’s vision from 1 January to 31 December 2013. Download theAnnual Report 2013.





Early Childhood and Peacebuilding in the Asia-Pacific Region: Brochure (new)


by ARNEC, December 2014




Early Childhood and Peacebuilding in the Asia-Pacific Region: Literature Review (new)


by ARNEC, December 2014 


A review of existing research into early childhood and peacebuilding in the Asia-Pacific region as it has developed over the last thirteen years. Three overarching questions frame the project what do we know or do not know about the role of early childhood in peace building? What are the different conceptualisations of early childhood and peace building? And how does the literature inform a future research agenda for the advocacy of early childhood and peace building in the Asia Pacific region?

ARNEC’s Documentation of Noteworthy ECD Practices – Research Brief No.2

by ARNEC, August 2013 


The White Paper – Promoting Holistic  Development of Young Children – An Imperative for the Advancement of Nations in Asia-Pacific by ARNEC, April 2013 The White Paper is also available in Russian, Chinese,  Korean and in Khmer. Would you like to translate or arrange for translation of the White paper into an additional language from the Asia-Pacific region? If you would like hardcopies of the White paper for your advocacy work or to promote ARNEC at events or conferences just let us know at





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